Stubborn Perseverance is the true-to-life story of a church-planting Kingdom movement. It will inspire and equip you—in partnership with the Holy Spirit—to pursue such a movement in your own context.

God is on the move in these last days, with a rapidly growing number of disciple-making/church-planting movements working with the Holy Spirit to impact peoples through God’s Word.

The Bible has its greatest impact in movements where whole households:

  • gather for “Discovery Bible Study” to discuss and obey God’s word (with no expert teacher other than the Holy Spirit),
  • then seek out and equip “Persons of Peace” (POPs) in other households to do the same.

Full EndorsementsStubborn Perseverance is the true-to-life story of one such movement, from which any believer can learn to actively join God in finding and equipping POPs to be the doorway for a Kingdom movement in their culture or community.

Stubborn Perseverance illustrates how to build on a foundation of prayer, fasting and prayer-walking to employ six means of finding POPs, then how to train them to disciple their households, to multiply, and to mature in Christ. The six approaches to finding POPs demonstrated in this book are:

  • salting our conversation with thanksgiving to God,
  • sharing our personal salvation story,
  • asking Muslims, “who has had a dream from God?,”
  • offering prayer for healing, demonization, and “storms of life,”
  • using verses in the Qur’an as a bridge to the Bible, and
  • sharing a Creation to Christ gospel presentation.

An excerpt from Stubborn Perseverance:

Fatima’s life had gained a new sense of purpose since her husband Faisal had begun sharing with her about CPMs. Fatima herself had talked to many people, but no one had wanted to discuss a prophet story from the Bible. So she determined to pray more fervently. She tried getting up at 4:30 with Faisal, but that didn’t work for her. Then she realized she could pray during many of her daily activities. In fact, washing clothes became one of her best prayer times. She also decided to pray for people in the houses she passed as she walked to the market. Many times she knew the families, and would pray for them specifically. Other times, she didn’t know them, or what to pray for, so she prayed that God would give them dreams and visions about Isa. And when others were resting, she would take out her prayer list and pray through the names.

Fatima also found it helpful to pray with others. Her friends Nur and Amina also wanted to improve their prayer lives, so they all agreed to meet three times a week for an hour of concerted prayer. Often it was difficult to coordinate their schedules, yet they persevered because they were convinced of how important prayer is.

Fatima finished rinsing her clothes and hung them on a clothesline strung between two trees. As she walked to the market, she prayed, O Lord, lead me to a person of peace.

On the way, she saw her friend Inne hanging up her own laundry. Inne was slender and average in height. Her stylish hair was pulled back into a ponytail so she could do her work. Butterfly earrings dangled from her ears.

“I just finished hanging up my own laundry! Let me give you a hand,” Fatima offered cheerfully. They chatted causally as they worked, then Fatima asked, “Inne, do you know anyone who has ever had a dream about a prophet?”

Inne’s eyes got big and she almost dropped her clothes bucket. “As a matter of fact, I had a troubling dream last night; may I tell it to you?”

“Sure, but not here in the hot sun! Can we go inside?”…”

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