Stubborn Perseverance

“Direct from the Publisher” Pricing

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Stubborn Perseverance is presently available for ministry use on a “what you are led to donate” basis, with the following suggestions:

  • Print—5-day shipping ($10/book recommended donation)
  • Print—3-week shipping ($7.50/book)
  • PDF/mobi/Kindle/ePub/Word ($5/use)

Due to the overhead of selling through Amazon, Stubborn Perseverance is priced on Amazon at:

Note: For the present, the Amazon Kindle edition is FREE with a purchase of the paperback.

Currently Stubborn Perseverance is produced through “Print On Demand,” which doesn’t yet allow us to offer a substantial discount here on individual copies. However once we complete a conventional printing (November 2017), we will be offering individual print copies here for a 33% discount to $10/copy, shipping included.

In the meantime, if YOU are wanting to use Stubborn Perseverance in mobilizing the Church to pursue God for movements among the unreached, we are eager to support you in these ways:

  • Invite your contacts to request their free review copy (subsidized by us).
    – this link:
    – and this PDF flyer (please email me if this link appears out of date. Thanks!)
  • Request a quantity of Stubborn Perseverance (see form below) in exchange for your:
    – donation (as the Lord leads), and
    – Amazon review and other promotion.
  • Reserve cases from our November 2017 printing for just $5/book, shipping included.
    (That’s a 67% discount).
    We will send you payment instructions when we contact you to confirm the ship date.
    (Note: After this November 2017 printing, cases will be available at a 50% discount—$7.50/book).
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